Tim has a policy that no vehicle in his workshop is photographed without the owners consent - some things need to be kept under wraps until complete, but some customers don't mind showing off the work in progress!

Luke Briggs Plymouth Pick Up

Luke is the proud owner of a rather nice Plymouth Pick Up Truck.  Gary Layton had already crafted the chassis, wheel tubs and running gear.  Tim took over to complete the body work.  Unfortunately, like most trucks in its earlier life it had been a work horse and so nothing fitted properly, not a single panel was straight, and if it was not dented then it had some serious rot issues.  Tim set about replacing all the relevant areas of rot,  re-fabricating most of the cab, doors re-skinned, truck bed sides , front fenders, bonnet, grill, side steps.

Stuart Archibald's Chevy Pick Up

Stuart wanted a completely renovated truck, from the chassis to the very top.  This included multiple body modifications - which meant closing up all the door and panel gaps, completely changing the front grill and generally making everything fit so much better.   There were also changes to the chassis and suspension, a new LS1 engine and gearbox transplant, air conditioning, air ride suspension, new pick up bed, new styled interior by switching and grafting a car dash into the truck, all new windows, gorgeous paint and an amazing interior by Steve Hudson.  It is those little touches that make a project so very special.   Stuart is keen that the truck is used regularly and has already completed a good few miles just travelling up and down the country, especially living in Scotland. 

Bob Vince's Riley 1500

This car originally belonged to his mother, who purchased it new in the '60's.  It was full of rot but the car had loads of sentimental value.    Tim constructed a new chassis with his own independent stainless front suspension and a narrowed 8" with stainless steel 5 link at the rear, scratch built stainless steel headers and exhaust system.  The engine and box  is a 350 Chevy and Th350.   Numerous body modifications were performed (way too many to mention).  The pictures show the extent of the work done  by Tim and his painter to date.   The car is currently in another paint shop getting a nice two tone spray job on the remainder of the body.

Derek Dover's Vauxhall 14 (now owned by Wade Pilkington)

Derek originally purchased the car and became a member of the Vauxhall owners club.  The body of the car was half decent but Tim cut out the whole floor, wheel tubs and bulkhead.  The hardest part was to get this car to sit right.  As you will see from the pictures Tim increased the depth of the sills, extended the backs of the front fenders, widened and lengthened the rear fenders and  channeled the body over the new chassis.  The new chassis was set up with Tim's own stainless independent front and 4 link rear.  Rear axle was narrowed and stainless steel headers and exhaust system made.   The car was then sold to Wade Pilkington as a three quarters finished project (as you will see from the pictures).  Since then Tim has carried on doing work for Wade including fabricating a new stainless fuel tank with fuel injection pump fitted and straps, stainless wheel nuts, through the frame fittings, stainless rose jointed 4 links and Earls fittings.....more to follow.